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Integrisys offers more than the typical IT provider through installation expertise and hands-on experience in both current and emerging technologies. We offer flexible solutions that ensure long-term productivity along with total scalability and interoperability. 


  • Fiber Optics

  • Voice

  • Data

  • Video

Structured Cable NH
Structured Cable NH
Integrisys Communications Group
Network Cabling Services For New England Since 2001

Integrisys Communications Group, Inc. is a full-service IT provider of voice, data, video and fiber optic products, services and technologies.


Here's how --


  • Complete system testing and certification, to include proof-of-performance.


  • Customer demands for capacity, speed and mobility are driving market growth across all sectors and Integrisys is there to provide the customer systems to assist their business with success.

IT System Testing

Structured Cable NH
Structured Cable NH

At Integrisys, our technicians are IEEE qualified installers for your company's audio and visual needs. Our forward-thinking, adaptable solutions for commercial enterprises across all industries have addressed efficiency problems, security concerns, speed & interconnectivity issues, data sharing challenges and more. From designing and implementing connected campuses, including college campuses, commercial office parks and more, Integrisys has hands-on application and engineering experience to bring your enterprise into the world of IT connectivity that today's competitive commercial enterprises rely on to communicate locally and globally.

Structured Cable Installation

Networking often works with engineering to provide the backbone and structured communications wiring platforms that meet or exceed the industry standards set by the Tele Communications Industry Association (TIA) and  the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). We provide all hardware, cabling, installation and servicing for data and networking applications and infrastructures, security surveillance systems, telephony and more including:


  • Underground OSP design, engineering and installation.


  • Infrastructure design, engineering and installation.

  • Complete network services that can encompass all or combinations of voice, data, video and fiber including survey and design, installation and activation, product and support, standards testing and certification and troubleshooting.

Structured Cable NH

Networking Solutions

IT System Testing

Structured Cabling Installation

Networking Solutions

Helping You Find The Right IT Solutions

Installation of Category 5e, Category 6 and other structured cables throughout college campuses, retail businesses and small & large corporate environments are our specialty!

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